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Key Points for Dictation

  • Allow approximately 1 hour to transcribe 15 minutes of clearly recorded speech.  This can vary depending on the content/clarity/spelling/looking up words - so this could be much longer or much shorter!
  • We speak faster than we can type or write - so as a rough guide 1 minute of talking takes approximately 4 minutes to type/write (again depending on clarity, spelling, etc and whether it involves further copy typing or tables - hence the name: 421 Typing!
  • If there is specialised terminology it would be extremely helpful if a glossary can be provided in advance or if the person dictating can spell terms out during dictation.
  • Be aware that if the voice activation is used and the speaker is too far away from the microphone or speaks softly, this may not be picked up by the equipment.  In some instances the recording will even switch off if the sound level goes below the minimum pick up threshold.

Final tips:

  • Record in the quietest environment possible with the least amount of background noise.
  • Speak slowly clearly and loudly.
  • Begin recording well before you start speaking.
  • Spell out names, places, technical or specialised terms or jargon (or if possible provide a glossary).
  • Be aware that if voice-activation is used it can cut off the beginning of any words.
  • If recording speakers at a meeting ask all speakers to identify themselves as they speak.
  • If at all possible try and ensure that each person speaks one at a time and that voices do not overlap.

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